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Carlton Haggard, LCSW


Psychotherapy is a unique and empowering experience.  I draw from a variety of theories I have and continue to study in order to help you.  Psychotherapy requires a very comfortable relationship between the patient and treatment provider.  It is essential that you not only be heard, but feel you are understood. Through this level of comfort and security you can reveal what may be very troubling feelings in order that I am able to help you.  


Psychotherapy will provide you the opportunity to openly discuss your thoughts and feelings in a safe and confidential environment. I will work to help you gain perspective on your problems. The goal is for you to not only feel better emotionally, but to continue to feel better emotionally.  In medicine the former is referred to as "response [to treatment]."  My goal is, and will always be the latter, which is referred to as "remission [of symptoms]."  I not only want you to feel better, I want you to continue to feel better.  

Web-Based or eCounseling

Healthcare professionals have utilized the internet to help patients for over a decade.  The field is known as "Telemedicine."  Web-based counseling - also know as Distance Counseling, eCounseling, eTherapy, and iTherapy has been at the forefront of many of these technological advances because what we rely on deals with the written or spoken word.  There are a number of limits to eCounseling that is provided by internet Chat as you are limited to the written word.  However, some people prefer this method of communication.  As a 70wpm typist, I find the keyboard an easy-to-use medium.  Some prefer the use of video for their eCounseling sessions.   
Carlton Haggard, LCSW
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